You'll love our product. Rock'n R Farms beef is the art of creating the healthiest, most tender and most importantly, the most flavorful meat on the market. We stand by that. Calm low stress handling techniques are an absolute must when it comes to our cows. Calm animals gain weight quicker resulting in a more tender meat with more flavor that grades higher. 



Now selling Family Packs at reduced price! This package is a starting point for those interested in sampling a variety of cuts, without the commitment (or freezer space) required for a 1/4 or 1/2 beef. It contains 50 pounds of beef. (25 lbs of steaks/roasts and 25 lbs of hamburger).


We now have hamburger available; priced by the pound. 

1 lb. vacuum sealed ....... $5.50/lb.

25 lbs. or more …..$5.00/lb.

To place an order for a Family Pack or Hamburger, call or email us:

triggs603@gmail.com   /   502-759-2129

Confirmed Orders may be picked up at the farm; or we can deliver as far as the Louisville/Frankfort area for orders of $125 or more.


Place order for 2019 Bulk Beef:

Once filled out, please mail form and deposit check to: 

Rock'n R Farms,  603 Banta's Fork Road,  Pleasureville, KY 40057

Call or email us with any questions:

triggs603@gmail.com  /  502-759-2129


You'll take notice to the beautiful fat color in our meat. Our grass-fed fat is more yellow than the white fat of grain-fed cows. The reason is the good ol' Omega 3 fatty acids that are essential to healthy brain function, lowering blood pressure, fighting depression, and reducing cancer. Living green plant tissue that goes into our cows can be thanked for that. Grass-fed beef is three times higher in Omega 3. 

And don't forget about Beta-Carotene (fat-soluble plant pigment) is what our grazing animals absorb into their meat. This is used by our bodies to make Vitamin A and is also a powerful antioxidant protecting our cells. It plays a role in preventing cancer, building healthy cell growth, and fighting off cardiovascular disease. 

Grass-fed, Grass-finished beef on our pasture is 4-6 times lower in saturated fat. This reduced "bad" fat is significantly lower in calories than grain-fed beef. Grain-fed beef gets too much Omega 6 fatty acids from their diet which has been linked to obesity, diabetes, immune system disorders and cancers.